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✿ Styles ✿

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.:❤| Sketches | $15 USD

❥ Messy Sketchies!
Limited to Patrons and Friends only!

.:❤|Flat Color | $20 USD

❥ Clean Lines and Flat coloring. No effects, shading or lighting.
+10.00 For every oc added.

.:❤|Soft Shade | $40 USD

❥ Lovely Soft Shading for some pop! No highlighting, no glows, no effects or custom backgrounds. Transparent background upon request.
+10.00 For every oc added.

.:❤|Standard | $60 USD

❥ Vibrant colors, highlights, glows and effects like fire with a simple background pattern or design!
+10.00 For every oc added.

.:❤|Painting | $100 USD

❥ Detailed background with atmospheric lighting, detailed backgrounds, and full effects!
+10.00 For every oc added.

.:❤|Wallpaper | $130 USD

❥ Animated wallpaper fully compatible with WALLPAPER ENGINE on steam! Simple animations for now. 1 OC per commission, and a song of your choice!


F / Texas / Old Enough / INFP
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Howdy, I'm Emerald or Em For short~!

Just an artist doing what she loves for a living! I have Bachelor's degree in art and animation.

I do art full time as a living, so please support me on Patreon if you like my stuff! Likes, shares, comments are all very appretiated. <3

If you don't like my art...you've yee'd your last haw, partner.


"What do you Use?"

▪ Wacom 13 HD
▪ Clip Studio Paint / Sai 2
▪ Premiere
▪ Adobe FX
▪ Photoshop


My animations involve my characters and music that is inspired with it. If you like my animations please follow me on youtube or support me on Patreon to see more!

Wanna Be Her

Simple Dimple Animation

Into You Wallpaper Aniamtion

Stay The Night

A Typical Day at The Bakery

Emerald Fancam

Lonely Girl Short Animation